Monday, October 29, 2007

T-shirts for accountants

It's hard to believe but I've found a website containing HUNDREDS of t-shirts with accountant slogans on them. Here's just a few of them:
  • During the day I dress up as an accountant
  • My Daddy is the best accountant in the whole world
  • The Zen of accounting - for every debit there is a credit
  • Trust me - I'm an accountant
  • Accountants appreciate a good figure
  • I love my accountant
  • I live for accounting
  • I'm the accountant your mother warned you about
  • Future accountant [for a baby's t-shirt!]
  • Accountants rock
  • I'm billing you for reading this
  • Proud parent of an accountant
  • Accounting diva [in pink]
  • It's accrual world
  • Daddy's little tax deduction [for a baby's t-shirt!]
  • Have you hugged an accountant today
  • Mild mannered accountant by day. Sexy husband by night
  • Accountant on the outside. Biker on the inside
  • Beancounter university [in the style of a top Uni]
  • The world's best accountant
  • A good accountant is a debit to her profession
  • I love Chartered Accountants

And so on!!
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