Friday, September 12, 2008

If you wanted photos of accountants in action....

On my blog for ambitious accountants I have just posted an item about how an architect blew me away by showing me a few photos on his iphone during a networking event. They reinforced what he was saying about the style of houses he had designed for clients.

I've been struggling to think of ways that accountants could do something similar. Showing a few photos of a well bound and balanced set of accounts for example wouldn't have the same impact.

In the spirit of this blog of course I can let my imagination run away a little. How about showing pictures of:
  • the car parking spaces reserved for clients behind your office in the centre of town?
  • your reception area with free tea and coffee, papers and the like for visitors?
  • the toys and colouring books in the area close to reception for when clients bring their children with them?
  • a tax official looking bloodied and brusied after a long meeting during which you successfully defended a client's tax position?
  • your burly looking partner - the one who gets sent to negotiate with the taxman?
Please add your own ideas as comments to this post.
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