Sunday, November 30, 2008

Now That’s What I Call Tax Advice

I recently spoke at a large ACCA meeting at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. Just before I was introduced, an eagle eyed accountant asked me about the third set of initials after my name on the title slide projected on the screen. After my FCA and CTA (Fellow) I had included MMC.

I explained this was a bit of fun as they are the designatory letters for members of The Magic Circle (and, yes, I am a member).

The following day I received an email from the same guy. He revealed that he too had an unusual hobby for an accountant:

The Third Person to Ask

(aka : Now That’s What I Call Tax Advice)

Though it is true I can produce a rabbit from a hat

I’d rather extol savings from the flat rate scheme for VAT

The sleight of hand required in Three Card Monte I do know

But ways to grow your practice is what I’d prefer to show

To cut a woman in two halves, the secret I find plain

I’m sure you’d much prefer to know how to offset a gain

The most secure of lock and chain I’ll escape in a trice

It really is much better to just give good tax advice

For whilst my skills at magic give me a qualification

They’re not what I’m best know for, throughout the English nation

And since tax is my living, I’m sure that you can see

Why my lectures do not highlight those three letters, MMC.

No - I can't perform all those tricks but I'll allow the poetic licence as I loved the idea and much appreciated the thought.

Written by (and posted with the permission of) accountant poet: Steve Brown
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