Monday, February 02, 2009

Do other accountants play 'chicken' in January?

One of my regular readers sent me this note today. I thought it worthy of posting on this blog.
"I play a version of Chicken each year as an incentive for me to get my client’s tax returns in on time. I always file mine last (apart from the ones who haven’t got their info in on time) and this year, for all the usual reasons, I was right up against the wire. I’ve attached my receipt mail as proof – filed online at 23:59! I must confess that I did knock at least one little old lady out of the way to achieve this but she wouldn’t have got a penalty and hers was done at 00:10 Sunday morning.

Does anyone else play daft games like this at year end or is this just part of the madness that makes us accept all the client’s various failings as though they were our own. If they do – have I won?"


With thanks to Paul Koumi (who gave his permission for me to post this here). I added the picture myself!

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