Monday, February 01, 2010

Tweets re the 31 January tax filing deadline (taxpayers)

HMRC now don't miss a thing on the tax return. "Were you party to one or more tax avoidance schemes?"

I avoided the £100 fine, but I'm convinced the Inland Revenue must be conspiring with greedy accountants to keep them busy (and rich).

Wow, never thought I'd say this, but the Inland Revenue are rather lovely. *Happies*

Will the inland revenue never answer my call? Actually I don't want them to so everything's rosie :-)

Lots on this weekend but is mainly about the Inland Revenue and finishing my tax return. Dunno why I leave it so late: they owe me money!

The Inland Revenue owe me an iPad !

Interesting. VirusBarrier suspects that the Inland Revenue self-assessment site is a phishing scam. Wonder if it's smarter than I think.

The Inland Revenue Tax Return 'Help line' is gonna get sued under the trades description act.

Required - Translator for HMRC (Inland Revenue) website. Send CVs to:

Bleurgh, tax return. I'm paying for an accountant for a reason, but she apparently doesn't do this for me :(

Just paid tax using my debit card on HMRC site. Bank then texts me to say my card has been used for overseas transaction!

Paid my tax 2 days before deadline and my accountant is my new best friend

Accountant has sent through tax return at last minute. Turns out I owe £1, not a couple of grand as in previous years. Phew!
@irascian (9am Sunday morning)

Tax. Done. New resolution for 2010 - get an accountant.
@joelbradbury (10pm Sunday evening)

Submitted tax return for first time without going to the wire. It is only 10pm, usually only do it with minutes to spare.

Just completed tax return 94 minutes ahead of deadline - woo hoo. No fine for me. And no tax to pay on losses. Next year I'll give more HMRC
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