Friday, December 24, 2010

If Santa was an accountant... (part two)

If Santa was an accountant...
  • ...he would report true and fair (naughty and nice)
  • ...he would require that you had 95% utilisation rates all year round
  • ...his work shop would be a grotty conference room without windows
  •'d only have to be "materially" good to get "substantially all" of your gifts
  • ...most of the insignificant things on your wish list would be disregarded and "noted for next year"
  • ...he would give you review comments on your christmas list
  • ...he wouldn't get paid overtime but his elves would
  • wouldn't be called an Xmas list, it would be a request list and listed in order of importance.
  • ...he'd have to follow those Hobby Loss Rules. Not much profit in the Santa business :-)
  • ...he'd wear a suit and tie instead of a red suit
  • ...he'd divide the world's children into assets and liabilities
  • ... there would be 4 big santas
This is a further selection of the suggestions volunteered by users of twitter in response to an invitation to use the hashtag: #ifsantawasanaccountant

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