Friday, December 03, 2010

You may be taking accounting too seriously if…

You may be taking accounting too seriously if…
  1. You can't wait to do your own tax return.
  2. You think the GAP store sells accounting standards.
  3. You think the CMA awards on TV relate to accounting (CMA is the Country Music Association).
  4. You cheer at the Oscars when they announce the accounting firm in charge of the envelopes.
  5. You read film credits to identify the name of the Production Accountant.
  6. You double underline your mother's name when preparing her death notice.
  7. You do an NPV calculation when you receive an indecent proposal (Of course this makes perfect sense if you are married).
  8. You do an NPV calculation before deciding not to have children.
  9. You can explain the difference between "downsizing", "right sizing", "re-engineering" and "firing people".
  10. You use the term "value added" with a straight face.
  11. Your Valentine's Day cards have bullet points.
  12. You schedule a meeting with your spouse to discuss the past year's performance.
  13. You aren't sure, but you think that you can claim depreciation on your human capital as a tax deduction.
  14. Your idea of "absolute terror" is an unbalanced T account.
  15. Your idea of "creativity" is a one-sided journal entry.
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