Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top tax names camp it for charity

If you'd like to see some top tax names camping it up in the name of charity you'll enjoy this video produced in support of TaxAid. It stars Tax Barristers Penny Hamilton and Michael Flesch QC alongside Chris Tailby CBE, Robert Maas and Peter Wyman. Did I miss anyone?

It starts as a cowboy parody with Penny at the Bar aiming to help a cash trader who has the Revenue after him. Loved the subtitles that 'clarify' what she's really saying! He then goes off to see the 3 wise men who are all reading Taxation magazine. They have a different approach - each of which parodies their real-life approach to tax advice. But the hapless trader can't afford to pay them so they recommend TaxAid. And the final piece to camera comes from Peter Wyman stepping out of a cupboard. It's all a bit surreal actually!

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