Friday, May 25, 2012

Alternative descriptions for HMRC

Hard to believe this hasn't appeared on the blog before but it seems not.

Back in 2004 the FT asked its readers to come up with a name for the merging departments of the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise. The merger took effect from April 2005 since when the organisation has been known as HMRC or HM Revenue & Customs or simply The Revenue. Plenty in the media and in Parliament have also continued to refer to the body, incorrectly, as the Inland Revenue - as if the last 7 years had never happened).

The winning entry in the FT's competition was suggested by Ed Troup, who is now Director General Tax and Welfare at HM Treasury. He suggested: Finance Collection UK though it would have been known by its initials, were they not already in use by the retail chain French Connection.

 Other suggestions included:
  • iTax 
  • Taxes R Us
With the benefit of 7 years experience, what abbreviations or names might be more appropriate now if The Revenue was to go for a rebrand?

Those I've seen suggested recently include:
  • As an acronym HMRC is HoMewReCker!
  • Department of National Financing 
  • Department of National Funding 
  • Department of Social Financing
  • Duties, Income Levies, Deductions, Operations (but that might have some initial problems)
  • DRC = Department for Revenue Collection
  • P I N C H - Processing Income Now Creates Help (...for tomorrow) 
  • Crown Revenue Service 
  • British Revenue Services 
Any more?
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