Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wry laughter at Dave Hartnett's expense

There was wry laughter last night at John Whiting's revelation that Dave Hartnett now has first hand experience of the complexity of the tax system as it affects those facing retirement!

Comment from the stage during the ICAEW Tax Faculty's Wyman Symposium last night

Monday, July 16, 2012

"I know my accountant isn't boring because..."

"I know my accountant isn't boring because... he isn't afraid to take his shirt off on the beach"
"I know my accountant isn't boring because... his lunch doesn't consist of the dreaded sandwich at the desk"
"I know my accountant isn't boring because... he swims/runs/cycles to raise money for good causes"
"I know my accountant isn't boring because... he's up on fraud charges......
"I know my accountant isn't boring because... he wears the most elegant frocks!"
"I know my accountant isn't boring me because... because he is boring someone else!
 - Richard Colburn

 "I know my accountant isn't boring because.....he has a ponytail & plays the guitar"
- Martin Bamford

Any more for any more?

Monday, July 02, 2012

Caitlin Moran's views on tax avoidance

The following comments are taken directly from Caitlin's Times magazine column 30 June 2012.
"I don't know about anybody else, but I am genuinely thrilled to be living through an age where accountancy is at the top of the news agenda. It's brilliant."
"Taxation is a sore subject because it is, basically a souped up version of the argument at the   end of a restaurant lunch - where a group of work colleagues start going, "Well, I only had a main and one glass of wine." while someone else gets out their iPhone and starts sourly smashing away at SplitTheBillWithPedants app.  
 The only difference is that when we divvy up the tax bill, of course, we don't invoice people for what they've eaten - but we base it on how rich they are, instead."
"[The principle of tax] one that can be very easily countered with a ninja move. For the common and logical defence of tax avoidance that they are...PERFECTLY LEGAL"
"In the interests of balance, however, I should point out that it's also PERFECTLY LEGAL to be a total s*** - but that no one will ever thank you for it. It's PERFECTLY LEGAL to crush everything colleagues say with depressing sarcasm, abandon your pregnant spouse, or generally be a massive ball-ache - but I don't think any of us would feel a huge amount of glory defending these behaviours."
I've posted the above on this blog as Caitlin's style is deliberately entertaining. Anyone interested in the subject of tax avoidance schemes might want to read the 3 recent blog posts I wrote for the 'Ambitious Accountants' blog.

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