Wednesday, November 07, 2012

ScoobyDoo at work for KPMG (allegedly)

The photo below appears on the GoingConcern blog.  It is accompanied by a series of comments purporting to evidence that the guy wearing the costume works for KPMG in the US and was allowed to dress up for Halloween this year.
The 'evidence' includes:
1. The laptop is clearly some PC jalopy that a public accounting firm would issue to an auditor.
2. The enormous USB capable 10-key calculator is something an auditor would schlep around.
3. Crude, soulless conference room is one where clients would obviously stick an auditor.
4. The black pen at the bottom of the screen is standard issue for Big 4 firms.
5. The little colored flags on papers to Scoob's right are a favorite of many auditors.
6. Scooby has a KPMG standard "T&E" envelope in front of his laptop.
7. That cardboard box is how KPMG employees receive their business cards.
8. Judging by the T&E envelope, laptop, and 10-key, this definitely is a KPMG person.

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