Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spare a thought for your accountant

Spare a thought for your accountant
He’s trying to do his best
To earn a decent living
Just like all the rest

Doing all that double entry’s
Not as easy as it looks
It takes years and years of practice
To cook a set of books

But when the debits and the credits
Don’t add up quite as they should
Staring at the door or window
Doesn’t do a lot of good

It’s said two things are sure in life
Death and taxes are the pair
But one more fact is certain
Your accountant’s thinning hair!

The tax rules alter constantly
He struggles to keep pace
Tax, NI and VAT
Etch deep lines in his face

And even when the job is done
The client may not pay
So your accountant’ll keep a’counting

Until retirement day

Written by chartered accountant David Marston in 1998 and passed on to me recently when it turned up out of the blue.
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