Friday, April 25, 2014

10 things a good accountant would never say....

  1. Yes, my fees could be lower if you pay me in cash 
  2. I'll find a way to justify all those supermarket receipts in your accounts
  3. Sure you can pay me less because you ignored my advice on how to make more profits 
  4. HMRC have no problem with retrospective tax planing
  5. Your tax return only took me 5 minutes to do 
  6. I love working from carrier bags full of clients' paperwork
  7. I have decided not to charge you anything this year
  8. The taxman will give up once he knows I'm representing you
  9. Don't worry about getting receipts 
  10. Yes, we can rewrite the past and pretend you did things that you didn't really do 
Any more for any more? What else would you never say?
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