Friday, September 12, 2014

An accountant with a STANDOUT way of describing himself

The way Mark Asquith, Managing Director of Asquith & Co, describes himself, on the meet the team page of his website, certainly makes him stand out. I'm referring especially to the table beneath the more conventional opening paras:
I have been working in accountancy since 1982 having started work as a spotty trainee on leaving school. Asquith & Co became a reality in 2001 although I had previously hankered after being self-employed. 
I love helping clients to keep just on the right side of the taxman while, hopefully, having a few laughs on the way - this is not easy but I do try.
                   Specialist subject:     Saving you money
                   Likes:                        Saving you money
                   Dislikes:                    Not saving you money 
                   Favourite colour:       Black... keeping you in it
                   Favourite food:         Roast taxman 
                   Favourite place:       Judo mat
                   Currently drives:       The taxman crazy

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