Monday, March 02, 2009

'Ich bin ein storyteller', says UK taxman

A few hundred employers who received HMRC's latest "Employer Bulletin" were confused to find the accompanying CD did not contain the promised payroll software but children's stories - read aloud in fluent German.

Would-be payroll administrators instead received 16 CD audio files with titles such as Zwei Ordentliche Kinder (Two Ordinary Children), Der Flohzirkus (The Flea Circus) and Gespenster (Ghosts). Each features a kindly-sounding woman reading a short children's story, Jackanory-style.

I'm wondering if the stories are in any way linked to payroll problems. There's an obvious warning in the third one. After all a ghost employee is someone recorded on the payroll system, but who does not work for the business.

A topical story - picked up through Twitter. Full details courtesy of The Register.
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