Thursday, March 26, 2009

More tax funnies picked up from Twitter

Some of these fall into the sad but true (as in true that they appeared on twitter)

HMRC would love to investigate all one man band companies. Best example I have is taxing as benefit in kind a box of aspirin 38p.

you need second sight to get round the HMRC website.. jokers

Still fighting with HMRC about 2005/06 penalty charge after online SA site went down - would send another email but....!

Waist high in the VAT section of the Inland Revenue website. A most absorbing place to be.

Dear HMRC, tell me all the information I'll need to give you BEFORE I sit on hold for 15 minutes, especially when it's stupidly obscure

Just had to call the Inland Revenue. Went well. Got on so well with the chap, in fact, that I think we might be spending Christmas together.

NORMAN GILLER IS INNOCENT OK! I promised my mate Norman I'd campaign for him as HMRC are stalking him for 0.01 pence in tax.

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