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Topical tax tweets - Max 140 characters

Just completed online tax return, have overpaid by 5 pence - heartwarming feeling that I am helping solve the government deficit
About to disprove the slogan "tax doesn't have to be taxing"... Now where are all those things I put in a safe place in may 2009
Back to the tax return. Apologies in advance for any shouting, screaming, swearing and throwing stuff.
Me: "You must be run off your feet this time of year." Girl in HMRC Tax Helpline call centre: "Ohh, it's enough to drive you to drink."
Two bills from HMRC today, both demanding I pay different amounts. I wanted to spend all day on hold tho, so it's cool. STAB. STAB. STAB.
I spoke to a lovely lady from HMRC today, its always lovley when someone tells you to put a bill in the bin though!

Been on the phone to HMRC for 40 minutes, great phone call and really productive - ive listened to every song on their waiting album list

Loot - with Jason Donovan as a forensic accountant

Broadcast only in Australia in 2004, Loot was set in:"the thrilling and exciting world of chartered accountancy".Jason Donovan played the lead character, Jon Peregrine, who ran a Forensic Accountancy practice called Peregrine Forensics. He had a silent and slightly eccentric partner, Charles Highsmith who was a retired Partner from a large accounting firm.
In the pilot Jon's business was just starting off and they had very little work. Before setting up on his own, Jon used to work for one of the big accounting firms, GV White. His soon-to-be ex-wife, Cynthia Allencontinued to work for them in insolvency. Loot appeared onscreen in Australia apparently but not on British screens - so far as I know.
Loot was created by Allen Blewitt, chief executive of ACCA, the international accountancy body. It was described as "a slick new TV drama that, for once, doesn't portray accountants as timid, spineless and deathly tedious".
One of the plot lines has been described a…

The Accountants Pie (song parody)

A.P.B Pie
(To be sung to the tune of American Pie - with apologies to Don McLean, but it fits really well)
A long long time ago, I can still remember
When my job used to make me smile
And I knew I could have a bash at saving my clients loads of cash
And maybe we'd be happy for a while
But regulation made me shiver, with every standard they'd deliver
Bad news on the doorstep, I couldn't take one more step
I can't remember if I cried when I saw I.S.A three one five
But something touched me deep inside the day that Enron died

So why why oh A.P.B why?
Do the standards get longer when you clarify?
Just one more schedule on an audit file
Oh that'll be the day that I die, that'll be the day that I die

Hey do you remember A.T.C?, P.E 1 and an S.S.A.P?
but nostalgia’s not what it used to be
And do you remember tick and bash, selecting samples, counting cash
And programmes that came from you and me
I saw you playing cricket with Jim with a ruler, a rubber and a rubbish bin
Awful coffee in…

The prefect cake for accountants in January

Saw a ref to this cake posted on twitter. Seems ideal for accountants with birthdays in January! Enjoy a virtual slice!
Comes from the The Baked In Caked Out Kitchen (@bakedincakedout)

We Are Accountants, my friend

We Are Accountants
(An accounting anthem to be sung to the melody of the Queen smash hit)

I've paid my subs
Time after time
I've done my CPD
Filed accounts on time

And material errors
I've made a few
I've had my share of journals kicked in my face
But I've come through

We are accountants, my friends
And we'll keep on counting - 'til month end
We are accountants -
We are accountants
No time for lunch breaks
'Cause we are accountants - of the world -

I've taken work home
Had late conference calls -
You brought me useful provisions - and the documentation that goes with them -
I thank you all -

But it's been no box of Roses
No mid-month snooze
I consider it a challenge before that large audit case -
And I ain't gonna lose -

We are accountants, my friends
And we'll keep on counting - 'til month end
We are accountants -
We are accountants
No time for lunch break
'Cause we are accountants - of the world -

© 2010