Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 "I love my accountant' tweets that made me smile

Letter from HMRC about completing my tax return. I read it in Moira Stewarts voice, and then posted it to my accountant to sort. Love it.

I love how you know so much about my expenses. When did I hire you as my accountant?

A person who is awake when the World sleeps... A Chartered Accountant. ♥ my passion my love my life CA

"Daddy, do I need to like file taxes?" "No sweetie. I took care of that" #BestDaddyEver" love my accountant dad

I love my accountant.i love more that I have learned to give up being an expert at everything &let others do things I can't do/can't do well

Friday, April 20, 2012

3 weird US tax deductions

  1. In Alabama, you can still deduct $1,000 for building a radioactive fallout shelter.
  2. In Arkansas, blind combat veterans may buy a new car every two years tax free.
  3. In Hawaii, residents can claim a $3,000 deduction for taking care of "exceptional trees" on their property - as long as an expert deems them "exceptional."
Credit due to: The Atlantic (and thanks to Steve Odem for passing this onto me).

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The VAT ditty

A story about this video caught my eye in the paper today. Thought I'd share it more widely as it's very well written.

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Conversation with a client... Me: "You've made a taxable profit for the year of £25,000. This means a corporation tax liability ...