Friday, July 12, 2013

EY's branding advisers may not have messed up

From the London Evening Standard:

Bean counters and crotch kids

Sack the branding advisers! Accountancy giant Ernst and Young has given itself a new name meant — according to new chief executive Mark Weinberger — to “demonstrate clearly and boldly who we are”. 
Alas, the chosen moniker, EY, already has an owner: a magazine packed with shirtless, trouser-less and often pant-less young men, licking lollies and clutching their crotches. 
Given that a swift Google search would have alerted the bean-counters to their new namesakes, it doesn’t inspire much faith in their ability to scrutinise company accounts. 
But if it’s embarrassing for Ernst and Young, consider how the owners of the magazine must feel. For what reader will want their Adonis fantasies infiltrated by images of accountants?
Hmmm. I have seen previous references to the same story but this one seemed to deserve a mention on this blog. However, a quick internet search shows, in the results that Google delivers to me anyway, only references to the accountants EY. Also the Wikipedia entry (at the time of writing) makes no ref to the boys mag. And also makes clear that the accountants own the domain name.

What I haven't done is to go looking for the 'other' site. Does it really exist or was the original story a spoof?
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