Friday, May 16, 2014

Hidden money away and not told the taxman? Your options...

The following suggestions are those of Phil Hodgen. He has offered this advice especially for those who have hidden money away in Lichtenstein banks, lied and not declared the interest on their accounts:

  • Jump up and down and say “It’s not right! The government can’t do illegal stuff like that!” (Response: So what? Cat. Bag. Out.) 
  • Sit tight and do nothing. (Response: Inevitable merely postponed. Pain handed to your kids because you won’t deal with it.) 
  • Run away to Panama. (Saw that happen last week for a US citizen I know. He is a fugitive for the rest of his life.) 
Or you can be a grown up and clean up your mess. (Why make a money problem into a jail problem?)
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