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Death and Taxes and Zombies

The following academic paper was brought to my attention after I tweeted a link to a newspaper report that incorrectly implied that more and more people are being 'hit' by inheritance tax while they are still alive.
This article fills a glaring gap in the academic literature by examining how the estate and income tax laws apply to the undead. Beginning with the critical question of whether the undead should be considered dead for estate tax purposes, the article continues on to address income tax issues the undead are likely to face. In addition to zombies, the article also considers how estate and income tax laws should apply to vampires and ghosts. Given the difficulties identified herein of applying existing tax law to the undead, new legislation may be warranted. However, any new legislation is certain to raise its own set of problems. The point here is not to identify the appropriate approach. Rather, it is to goad Congress and the IRS into action before it is too late. Th…

All accountants are.......?

When you start searching in Google the clever little thing offers to complete your search string. In effect the system recognises and offers you the rest of what other people have searched for even if the words are in a different order.

Here are some of the suggestions Google offered me recently by reference to the few words I typed in each case:
all accountants are.... ....boring .....alcoholics
most accountants are.... accountants most unhappy accountants most likely to have an affair most famous accountants why don't accountants.... ....get paid overtime? .....consider opportunity cost [of their time]? can accountants.... ...certify documents? ...sign passports? from home? ....become rich?
Inspired by David Gilroy, "Director of Stuff & Things", at Conscious Solutions Limited, whose latest newsletter referenced a similar exercise he did re solicitors.

What clients say to wind up their accountant

What do clients say that winds you up?"I just popped everything in this carrier bag here - I knew you could sort it all out for me.""My friend's accountant says.....""I need a mortgage reference - you will make the figures look good for me won't you?""A friend in the pub said that he's certain that....""My van was broken into and........... all of my receipts were stolen""How can I have made such much profit when I've no money left in the bank""My son has been onto the HMRC web site and......."" I've already signed my tax return. Just fill in the details as usual""I've put the cost of the new extension through, as I do make coffee in the new kitchen while I am working from home""I will be able to pay you once someone has paid me." Always said AFTER you have completed their accounts."My mate in the pub knows someone whose uncle-in-law reckons that I'm be…