Friday, September 28, 2007

National Hug your Accountant day

In a letter to organisations such as the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Confederation of British Industry and Institute of Directors, accountancy software firm Kashflow has called for 25 October to be named "National Hug Your Accountant Day".

The firm said although the call is light-hearted it does have a serious message. The day is aimed at bringing accountants and SMEs closer together so that both parties can get a better understanding of the pressures they face.

KashFlow’s own research has shown that accountants think small business owners need to do more to understand the value of accurate and timely record keeping to avoid fines and likewise small business owners believe that they should be left to concentrate on running their business and worry about the accounts at a later date.

The accounting software company KashFlow is in a unique position in that it is well used by small to medium sized enterprises to record and keep track of their day to day accounting and bookkeeping, but is also a solution provider to accountants themselves who use the data their clients enter to form various financial reports and year end accounts.

It is anticipated that the effect of bringing accountants and business owners together will mean more accounts being filed on time and less fines for small business owners.

Speaking about National Hug Your Accountant Day Duane Jackson, Managing Director of KashFlow said,

“The great thing about our campaign is that it is a fun way to address a very serious issue. A large number of small business owners do not realise the importance of keeping accurate financial records until it is too late and I think business owners would like accountants to have a better understanding of what entrepreneurial spirit is all about”.

[If I'd made this up who would've believed me?!]
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