Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HM Revenue joker tweets pre Budget

Clearly NOT an officially sanctioned Twitter account for HMRC, but I've still copied elements from today's twitter stream here for posterity:

BUDGET CONSULTATION: Please tweet us your ideas for the Budget as Alistair has not got a clue. The final TwitBudget will be published here.

BUDGET2009. Treasury msg to HMRC: Shitting ourselves here, we haven't finished writing the Budget yet and Alistair has gone AWOL

Budget2009 update: Alistair has locked himself in the toilet and won't come out. Gordon has called in MetPolice to break down the door.

Budget2009: Back of fag packets currently being assembled into final document

Alistair has been shown his MI5 file - he has now agreed to give the Budget speech. Some more Red Bull and we're nearly ready

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