Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That naughty Emily Maitlis....

Emily was the guest presenter at last week's Taxation awards ceremony at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

She explained that earlier in the day she had been sitting in her room running through her script and practicing (good move). When room service arrived she had been repeating all of the award titles and was embarrassed to realise that some sounded as though she wasn't saying 'tax', but 'sex'.

Her timing was perfect later as she paused momentarily when announcing certain awards. Some of the best were:
  • Best international ...tax team = Best international sex team
  • Best general ...tax team = Best general sex team
  • Best in house ....tax team = Best in house sex team
  • Best ...tax investigations team = Best sex investigations team
  • Best 'big four' ...tax team = Best Big four sex team
And the two others where she made some other relevant comment put us in mind of
  • Sex writer of the year and
  • Sex personality of the year
This twist gave all 600 or so attendees a unique perspective on the awards!
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