Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 new taxes for 2010

The following were proposed in jest by Simon Sweetman on AccountingWeb:
  1. a Twitter tax, levied at .001p per tweet
  2. an iPhone tax, levied only for boasting about what it can do
  3. a tax on the downloading of tracks simply as part of a campaign to get a Christmas number one
  4. a Wii tax levied on the breaking of household objects
  5. a tax on irritating ringtones, doubled for Christmas ones
  6. a tax on plastic packaging for toys that needs an entrenching tool and a pneumatic drill to open
  7. a tax on muzak and double for Christmas muzak, treble for Christmas muzak before December
As Simon says, with all these: "We should be well on the way to clearing the national debt – just need a few more suggestions..."

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