Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year twitter titters - accountants and tax

New year titters from twitter that deserve a mention on this blog:

When Bono was born, a tax accountant, a media lawyer and a publicist brought gifts of money, money and money to his gold baby throne

blue sky, crisp winter day, what on earth could spoil it. Hmmm, this letter from my accountant showing corp tax and SATR due, happy new year

Busy all day! Beaten tax return into shape but owing to complexity of 08/09 fin.year (and by idiocy of former employer), off to accountant.

Trying to organize tax stuff. Building and filling spreadsheets. Can't wait to try & find all my supply receipts. TG I got an accountant!

Can't seem to locate the receipt I left on my desk before I took my holiday leave and the accountant's bugging me like crazy - HOLD ON!

I'm supposed to be adding up receipts for my tax return but instead I'm typing this.
@RealDMitchell (yup - The Real David Mitchell - from PeepShow and Mitchell & Webb)

I accidentally laundered 15 pounds! Take that, inland revenue!

Tax return done. Yes. Dear Inland Revenue, I hate you with a passion usually reserved only for cold callers and people who say "should of"

I *really* wish the Inland Revenue's Self Assessment guidance notes were available in a language other than pure gibberish.

Accountant seems to say I'm a very good photographer - which must be why I have unexpectedly large tax bill to pay by 31 Jan. Oh dear...
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