Monday, February 01, 2010

Tweets re the 31 January tax filing deadline (accountants)

Just filing those last remaining few tax returns online. The best January we have ever had in terms of lowest levels of overtime and stress
@MilstedLangdon (Friday 4.10pm)

Congrats to all accountants who have done all they can and won't have to work over the weekend: @macrariolewin @JonStow @AS_Mitchell - More?
@BookMarkLee (Friday 7pm)

January is almost over - hooray! Really looking forward to Feb, I've got some great meetings lined up.....

One day to go and then Moira Stuart will be well and truly exorcised and we can have the space back under the stairs.

hey ho - into the office to file a few last minute tax returns.
@taxorprozac (08.20 Saturday morning)

Right. I'm off home. If your tax return is not done now, it won't be. Unless you call me and speak nicely :-)
@taxorprozac (18.00 Saturday evening)

7pm Saturday, still in the office helping clients to meet the UK tax return deadline. Only 29 hours left now.

Having a day off! All tax returns submitted in time, all payments made, job done! Back to "normal" on Monday?
@chapperscounts (Sunday 31st)

Deadline day for accountants! I have woken early and am completely "accounted" & "tax returned" out. Try & avoid the £100 fine if you can!

Sunday, 4:30pm - just finishing the last of the tax returns for submission to HMRC before the deadline at midnight tonight

Well, that's the last one gone. End of tax returns for another year. Hurrah!!!!!!!!! Must plan better for next year (he says again)!
@suretax (5pm Sunday)

Working on wrong. I'm a tax accountant...and it's busy season.... BOO!!!
@_J_La_ (6.30pm Sunday)

Last tax returned filed...a whole hour to spare. Bedtime now...

@davidpaulcox (11.10pm Sunday)

All 383 tax returns safely submitted. Fantastic performance by the team working late with information supplied at very short notice.
@BeatonsGroup (10am Monday!)
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