Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loot - with Jason Donovan as a forensic accountant

Broadcast only in Australia in 2004, Loot was set in:
"the thrilling and exciting world of chartered accountancy".
Jason Donovan played the lead character, Jon Peregrine, who ran a Forensic Accountancy practice called Peregrine Forensics. He had a silent and slightly eccentric partner, Charles Highsmith who was a retired Partner from a large accounting firm.

In the pilot Jon's business was just starting off and they had very little work. Before setting up on his own, Jon used to work for one of the big accounting firms, GV White. His soon-to-be ex-wife, Cynthia Allencontinued to work for them in insolvency. Loot appeared onscreen in Australia apparently but not on British screens - so far as I know.

Loot was created by Allen Blewitt, chief executive of ACCA, the international accountancy body. It was described as "a slick new TV drama that, for once, doesn't portray accountants as timid, spineless and deathly tedious".

One of the plot lines has been described as follows:
Peregrine takes it personally when a dodgy initial public offering catches out thousands of small investors and triggers the suicide of his brother-in-law. Together with his genius computer hacking assistant, he won't rest until he finds out who is responsible.

With no Swiss bank account safe, no tax haven secure, tracking down that kind of money can buy you some seriously powerful enemies. And it's not as if Peregrine had a lot of friends to start with. At the same time, he is distracted by another case: a high-profile underworld business figure is missing and Peregrine has been hired by his ex-wife Cynthia to find him ...
Did ANYONE see this?
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