Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Apprentice - Edward the accountantist

Edward Hunter was the first candidate 'fired' in the latest series of The Apprentice. As he left the Boardroom he was advised by Lord Sugar to remember: "There's no shame in being an accountant."

Edward himself made a number of related observations about his profession including:
  • I'm the wheeler dealer who accidentally became a financial professional.
  • I was trained at one of the biggest accountancy firms (PWC); but I don't fit the mould.
  • I don't need to show off that I can work out margins; I'm an accountant.
  • I'm mildly accountantist (anti accountants)
  • Whenever I'm introduced to anyone and I want to stop the conversation, I just say, 'I'm an accountant'.
  • I think every accountant will look at me and think, 'that's how I feel' (negative about accountancy).
Not a great advert for the profession.
(I posted a link to his audition video in a separate blog post here)

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