Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fifteen funny books for accountants

  1. Internal Control Weaknesses by Kermit Fraud
  2. Authorisation Limits by Mustapha Siggnatjeur
  3. How Not To Panic At Year End by Wendy Orditors-Cumming
  4. Cash Control for Dummies by Hans Intils
  5. Rough Guide to Accounting by Major Control-Weakness
  6. Double Entry Delights by General Ledgers
  7. Financial Planning for Beginners by Bud Jett
  8. Monthly Reporting by Anna Litticle
  9. Excel Analysis by Rosa Dayter
  10. The Notes to the Accounts by Hugh Kairs
  11. Capital Tax Planning by Muvinov Sure
  12. Insolvency by Justin Casey-Folds
  13. The Missing VAT Trader by Cara Zell
  14. Big Bonus by Laura Cash
  15. Unexplained Difference by Frank D Scussions
With due credit to Graham Thomas-Widger and Karen Watson who posted these (and a few others I didn't get) on AccountingWeb
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