Friday, July 01, 2011

HMRC could pilot RTI on its own payroll

Had a wicked thought last night. Think it belongs on this blog as it made me smile!

HMRC have said that they intend to run a pilot exercise to collate Real Time Information from volunteer employers in April 2012. Mandatory use of RTI for large employers will start from April 2013.

How about HMRC itself volunteers for the pilot re its own payroll? And taking that a stage further, how about if MPs were also included in this experiment?!

1 comment:

huggh dunlop said...

How on earth would RTI work with MPs? If you are talking about time doing something constructive, This would certainly not work!
At the same time, I woud ask; Has anyone ever actually seen a full House of Commons, apart from the few times this is absolutely essential, when MPs come out of the Common's bar to vote? It is like attending work only when the Chairman of the Board is coming

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