Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Matching speakers' names to their areas of exertise

Wouldn't it be good to match the subjects at tax conferences with the names of the speakers?

John Newth suggested the following in Taxation back in 2004:
  • Modern tax legislation - Tablets of Stone - Mr Justice Moses
  • A fishy business at HMRC - John Whiting 
  • SDLT and trust legislation - an attack on the public - Patrick Cannon and Malcolm Gunn 
  • The Budget - or a nursery rhyme? - Andrew Hubbard 
  • The US Presidential election and tax - Mike (Harry) Truman
I would add:
  • Do  we need a General Anti-Abuse Rule? - G. AARonson QC 
[John Newth has got in touch to offer me some more recent suggestions along the same lines. I have edited this post to include them below]

  • NIC – A likely target- by Peter Arrowsmith
  • The sanctity of the Upper Tax Tribunal by – Colin Bishopp
  • Irish Tax Justice – by Richard Murphy
  • A few drinks in the Arctic – by Fran Lagerberg
  • Things are not Black and White – by Jonathan Schwarz
  • VAT is like a rabbit – by Neil Warren
  • Tax is not ageing – by Ian Young
  • Batting for IHT reliefs- by Matthew Hutton
  • Avoiding tax potholes- by Rebecca Cave
  • The twists of tax law – by Sir Stephen Oliver QC
  • The Socialist tax Agenda – by Ed Balls
Further suggestions welcome...

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