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The laughing Taxman - by Ronnie Barker

I found a reference to this song in the delightful Autobiography of The Two Ronnies "And it's goodnight from him..."

Written and sung by Ronnie Barker, it's clever, funny and worth listening to right through to the end. It's only a minute and half long.
Clearly inspired by The Laughing Policeman....

listen to ‘The Laughing Taxman’ on Audioboo

The next recipient of an #INABAaward is Paul Castle

This is another (virtual) award of an INABA to an accountant who operates in such a way as to confirm my contention that ‘Boring Is Optional'.

INABA stands for 'I'm Not ABoring Accountant' - more on the awards here++++ 

Paul was nominated by Kapil (Kaps) Kapur of Fingertips Intelligence. Having met Paul a couple of years ago, I would agree he has an unconventional attitude and approach. Once met, never forgotten!

Paul Castle has six staff in his practice 'Castle Heslop'  (Strapline: 'Innovative accountancy') which operates from offices in London and in Biggin Hill.

On learning of his nomination Paul emailed me to say:
"My career path was set early on in my life after visiting a careers advisory officer who identified I did not have the charisma to succeed as an undertaker.  Still I am pleased that unlike a solicitor I know I am boring.  So I am not sure why I have been considered for this award.   Perhaps it is because I like people, enjoy getting…

Accounting Rap video: Debits left, Credits right

Great video with some good advice for aspiring accountants. 
Congrats to @colindodds on producing this and thanks to @wilkins_Co for sharing it on twitter recently

And the #INABAaward goes to: A singing accountant

I announce the (virtual) award of INABAs to accountants who operate in such a way as to confirm my contention that ‘Boring Is Optional'.

INABA stands for 'I'm Not A Boring Accountant' - more on the awards here++++ 

Louise Herrington combines an unusual range of skills including that of being Professional Singer, Bookkeeper, Chartered Accountant specialising in systems and processes and a Videographer. Her practice name is 'Performance Accountancy' and she specialises in providing bookkeeping and accounting services to self-employed musicians and singers.

I first came across Louise when I was directed to her promotional video which I featured on this blog last week: Now that's what I call a singing accountant!

Louise tells me:
When people talk about me in a referral basis, I seem to get referred to as an accountant with a fun personality and who is not worried about clambering through trade vans trying to find receipts, clearing clients' filing that had no…