Friday, July 11, 2014

All accountants are.......?

When you start searching in Google the clever little thing offers to complete your search string. In effect the system recognises and offers you the rest of what other people have searched for even if the words are in a different order.

Here are some of the suggestions Google offered me recently by reference to the few words I typed in each case:

all accountants are....

most accountants are....
accountants most unhappy
accountants most likely to have an affair
most famous accountants
why don't accountants....
....get paid overtime?
.....consider opportunity cost [of their time]?
can accountants....
...certify documents?
...sign passports? from home?
....become rich?

Inspired by David Gilroy, "Director of Stuff & Things", at Conscious Solutions Limited, whose latest newsletter referenced a similar exercise he did re solicitors.

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