Friday, January 23, 2015

A good deal?

I got a good deal the other day by paying just £12 for two copies of Accountancy for Dummies. They're normally £4.99 each.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Being a good accountant takes 5% talent and...

Being a good accountant takes 5% talent...

           ... 13% maths and 81% spotting what's been missed

            ... 10% attitude and 90% knowing what's right and what's wrong

            ... and 95% avoiding distraction on the internet

Friday, January 09, 2015

The accountant (actor) at number 39 on the Top 50 financial power list

This year's tongue in cheek entry on Accountancy Age's annual Top 50 Financial power list 2015:
39 (New Entry) Ben Affleck, actor Can Ben Affleck succeed where Jason Donovan failed? The public perception of an a-typical accountant looks set to get a serious make-over with the latex-clad Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice thespian reputedly signing up for the lead in a film guessed it...The Accountant.  
The broad concept of the movie is about a man who juggles the twin perils of GAAP by day, and the less taxing demands of being a high-class assassin by night. So can Affleck and screenwriter Bill Dubuque paint the profession in a sophisticated light akin to that of the legal profession? Previous attempts, including an accounting drama starring the aforementioned Donovan, were met with limited success.
Jason's drama featured on this fun blog four years ago. I'm also reminded of KPMG's efforts, back in 1997, to have the lead characters in dramatic films be accountants rather than lawyers.

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