Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The dancing accountant

Worth watching right to the end, even beyond the post dance interaction between the accountant and the judges.


Imperial Accounting Solutions LLC said...

This is so funny. However, I want to say my congratulations to the guy because he has the guts to show his talent on stage. He is simply confident. He embodied the confidence every accountant need to deliver an accountant's job. Only, dancing is not meant for him. Let's say it out loud accountants.. "let's stick to accountancy"

Great video

The Dancing Accountant said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for posting this video.

The Dancing Accountant is now producing a new video each week based on people's requests of songs and locations. You can check out his facebook page which has links to the videos that have been created so far:


Feel free to send in your requests!

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