Friday, January 23, 2009

Tax funnies picked up from twitter

What does VAT stand for? VAT = [V]ery [A]nnoying [T]ax. What else did you expect?
Thanks to Matt Chatterley (@matchedit)

Spent 25 min waiting for Atlanta business tax office to answer phone. Would be nice if their hold message said THEY'RE CLOSED ON FRIDAY!
Poor Paul Mckibben (@paulmckibben)

Have just learnt that the Russian government have cut the tax on vodka to help their citizens ease the pain of financial doom. So clever.

I'm hoping my tax return allows me to get a new bike
Thanks to Daniel Versola (@danielversola)

I just did my first tax return! It was fun! :)

This ouija board is clearly defective. Either that or lost receipts don't have souls. My accountant will not be happy...

OK - well I found them funny. Let me know if you find anything better!

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