Monday, January 18, 2010

Ten failed excuses for not paying your taxes

The taxman has heard it all before. Taxpayers frequently offer the same old excuses when they get caught failing to disclose all their taxable income :
  1. "Everybody does it....... don't they?"
  2. "I was ill, I had a nervous breakdown"
  3. "It was a present from an old uncle who's dead now"
  4. "How did you find out that? I thought no one would ever know"
  5. "It's not that serious..... is it?"
  6. "It's offshore, so it doesn't count...... does it?"
  7. "I won it playing poker"
  8. "Hypothetically speaking, what if I did?"
  9. "I met this guy on a plane and he said it was alright"
  10. "Pardon Mois, mais je ne parle pas le Franglais"
Do you have any other favourites?
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