Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun accountant related tweets

Sometimes I wonder how do accountants stay awake at work. All the numbers are making me sleepy.

This girl says she went to an accounting seminar met interesting people including accountants. Really? How about marine biologists?

Between this weather, crazy clients and outlandish demands I'm ready to pack it in as a photographer and become an accountant like my dad :(

Am now officially a grown up. I have an accountant and have just received tax advice.

Just recommended me a 'goth accountant'. If the tax man doesn't pay up I'll have him hexed.

Found a tiny scrap of paper which proves firstly I'm not going mad, and secondly I don't have to pay £650 to my old accountant!

Ron Artest just thanked his psychiatrist. If it was me I would thank my florist, my proctologist and my tax accountant .. in that order.
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