Friday, December 16, 2011

Some fun tax and accountancy related tweets

Just written a cheque for my accountant, who has the longest address in Christendom. It's a good job biro ink is tax-deductible.

Smaller than expected tax return further crunched by larger than expected bill from accountant. Bugger.

Somehow, even in my most successful days as a history student, i always knew the world force me into becoming an accountant #stupid economy

The accountant's #happydance.. finding an eligible $100 deduction. Ends when client gets mad for having to save more receipts

Every year it's the same. I'm doing my tax return and I can't find the stapler, staples or paper clips I need. I buy more. Next year; gone!

Scary letter from the Inland Revenue I delayed opening, turned out to be a £50 tax rebate. Lesson to be learned in there somewhere.

Client:Didn't think anyone would know. Me:U mean tax fraud? Being wrong year after year is bad pattern. Client:Could I go to jail? Me:Pack.

This card from inland revenue isn't very jolly... or christmassy... or cardy... its more like a bill really. Think I'll stick it up anyway.
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