Friday, February 01, 2019

Ten tax return filing deadline related fun tweets

When you have to face time your 12 year old daughter and talk her through filing your last 3 tax returns ❄️🙅‍♀️💃🏻#lifesaver [alongside a picture implying the tweeter was snowbound]

HMRC should have a prize for those who fill out their tax returns with the least amount of time to spare before the deadline. I think I could be in with a chance of winning that.

Once upon a time... there were 12 hours remaining until the #selfassessment deadline! 🕛 We know it's #NationalStorytellingWeek, but don't be left coming up with a tall tale to tell #HMRC! 📚 Guarantee a happy ending by filing your return and paying the #tax you owe on time!

Ten months you've had To get it done
For a hundred pounds Are you now to succumb?
 Submit your return! Just get it in And don't forget too
For the good of us all Pay the tax that you owe
Or the Collector will call!

Guys, don't leave paying your tax to 11pm on 31st. Especially if you need to set them up on your banking. I'm not a expert on every banks payment system so I might struggle to help

So long January - let the New Year begin!! #happynewaccountantsyear

Did mine this afternoon when the last ones went out for authorisation. Filed about 10 hours before deadline, longest it's been in years 😂

Returns filed, chocolate digestives all gone and it has started snowing. Time for a glass of vino I'd say.

It’s February which means one thing...another tax return season completed! We did it! — feeling accomplished

Shhhh!!!! February 1st. Accountants sleep now

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